What Do You Think is Your Baby’s First Words?

So, you’re trying to put on a baby diaper on your cute little one and you think that it is just going to be a normal day when all of a sudden, your baby starts uttering their first words. That is actually considered to be a milestone because it can lead to learning new words that they can speak eventually. Babies develop as they grow older. Their motor skills and the muscles that are necessary for them to do certain things such as crawling and walking would run its course. Their speech development will also improve once their brains have matured just enough for them to utter a couple of words to start with. Today, I am going to talk more about what you need to know about your baby’s possible first words.

Nonverbal Communication

Your baby actually talks to you even just a few moments after they are born. They do this by either crying, squiring, or even grimacing and all of those nonverbal cues express a range of emotions.
For instance, if your baby is crying, it could be that they are hungry and would require nourishment (in the form of breastmilk) or it could be that there is something that is bothering them and they require your immediate attention (such as a soiled diaper or something).

Baby Talk Milestones

As your baby’s brain starts to mature and develop, they will be closer to uttering their first words. Here are some milestones that you need to be aware of:

3 Months-

Your baby still tries to process the world around them. They will look at you and examine your physical features and they will start listening to your voice and the sounds that are emitted all around them. Babies are inclined to listen more to female voices as opposed to their male counterparts. After the 3-month mark, your baby will start cooing which is just a happy, repetitive, and gentle vocalization.

6 Months-

At this point, your baby starts to babble, uttering familiar words such as “ba-ba” or “da-da”. Shortly after the 6th month mark, your baby will be able to recognize their own name and they can even process your native language as well. They are also now able to discern the tone of your voice in that they will know if you are happy, sad, or angry. It is important to note that although some parents would interpret their babbling, the words that they utter actually have no real meaning.

9 Months-

Once your baby reaches 9 months, they are now able to understand a few basic words. The common notion that your baby actually learns the word “no” is true, since that is the word they usually hear parents say to them.

12-18 Months-

At this point, your baby is now able to discern what you mean and they might be able to utter the words “mama” or “dada/papa” just shortly after the 12-month period.

2 Years-

Babies are now able to string a couple of words together such as “daddy bye-bye” or something like that.

3 Years-

At this stage, your baby is now able to utter more words and their speech development grows rapidly from here on out.