Top 8 Advantages of Using AngularJS for Mobile App Development


There are plenty of frameworks that you can utilize to create mobile app development, however, a lot of developers seem to use AngularJS over the others. Why is that so? In today’s article, I will go over the top reasons why many developers are using AngularJS when it comes to their app development.

1. It is the Pipeline that Connects the MVC Components

The MVC or Model-View-Controller is a design wherein the application is divided into three different parts (which is actually the name of the acronym). If you’re just using the ordinary SDK tools, you will have to piece them all together by yourself, which can take a huge amount of time. Enter the AngularJS. With just a few simple lines of code, you can instantly stitch them together to work in unison.

2. Helps with Dependencies

In application development, you might need some core dependencies for you to test your app. Fortunately, AngularJS provides a seamless process. Instead of you having to find all of the dependencies yourself, you just add a service and it will treat it as a parameter- forcing the framework    to give you the services that are needed for you finally finish your project.

3. Two-Way Binding

Back in the day, you have to create multiple templates so that you can view the application on one hand and create a prototype or model on the other. For changes to work, you have to painstakingly code for both of them, which increases the risk of having bugs in the lines of code. With the framework, it binds both of these elements together so that one line of code will affect both application view and the models or prototypes.

4. Significantly Less Time Needed to Code

This is probably the biggest reason why many people are using AngularJS. This framework allows you to save a lot of time because there are no more complicated lines of code just for the application to work. No more wasted time adding getters or setters on the data models and no more time is wasted when manipulating data with the use of filters since you do not have to add modifying controllers anymore.

5. Seamless Design Workflow

When you are in the middle of the app development process and you wish to add some HTML and CSS elements, you cannot normally do that without backtracking. With AngularJS, you can just add the appropriate codes and it will still work in the final application.

6. Single-Page Applications Made Easy

There are a lot of popular applications that have all of the features prominently placed in just one page. These single-page applications can easily be made with the use of the framework.

7. You Can Have More Flexibility with the Use of Filters

If you want to add more functionalities to your app, you can do so by using the AngularJS’ filters. The filters are able to sort the data before you can see the view model of the application. Aside from sorting the data, the framework’s filters allow you to do more things such as formatting and reversing the order of certain arrays, for example.

8. Unlimited Testing

With this framework, you are allowed to test the application anytime during the process without a hitch.


So, there you have it. With the above advantages, no wonder more app developers are using AngularJS. So, what are you waiting for?