The Undeniable Benefits of a Simple Web Design

Simple website designs convert much better.

A landing page is a type of web page designed to convert. If you want yours to perform well, you need to keep it simple. A simple design can instantly catch the attention of viewers.

Simple website designs have limited, more meaningful menu options.

At some point, you will be tempted to show your target audience what you can offer right then and there. This is not the best choice, however. You need to make your pages user friendly and informative, but providing too much navigation options may overwhelm them. Make their lives easier by limiting the navigation decisions.

Simple website designs can help people focus on CTAs.

Ask your website developer to include useful design elements that guide people’s eye towards the CTAs. You can do this by removing all the distracting features and simplifying your web pages. By doing this, you can also increase your conversions.


Simple website designs load much faster.

Loading speed is crucial to a good user experience. If you are running an online business, this is important for you to address. Don’t let your readers and customers abandon your pages. Don’t forget to optimize your website for speed.

Simple website designs are more mobile friendly.

How your web pages look and function on mobile is highly important. A simple design is a lot easier to translate on smaller screens. At this day and age, responsiveness is something you must never overlook.

Simple website designs are more affordable.

The more features and elements you include in your website, the more bandwidth you need to use. Large photos, audio, video, and complicated graphics can increase the amount of bandwidth you need. It’s no secret that several website hosting websites charge depending on the level of bandwidth.

Simple websites can reduce user friction.

Friction is any kind of element that makes it difficult to achieve a certain goal. A basic website design provides less friction because there is lesser content for people to navigate.