The Major Barriers That Hinder eCommerce Adoption in Malaysia

Looking for quality ecommerce website development services in Malaysia can be a challenge. Clearly, there is lack of awareness with regards to ecommerce among Malaysian shoppers. This is the reason why high pressure is imposed on SMEs. They need to improve their marketing strategies to keep up with ecommerce trends and applications. Below are some of the major barriers they need to deal with.

The Cultural Barriers

-Low perceptions to online shopping benefits; Many Malaysian shoppers continue to purchase goods from physical stores, and utilize cash payments
-Weak familiarity and lack of experience with ecommerce applications
-Lack of ecommerce knowledge, thus, there is internal resistance to change
-Low understanding level on ecommerce applications which are installed using the English language
-People are not determined to educate themselves about ecommerce technology

The Security Barriers

-Lack of trust in several electronic transactions was determined as the primary security ecommerce barrier
-SMEs avoid doing any kind of business with international buyers and suppliers, because of various reasons depending on weak confidence in the overall security of international financial transactions
-Weak knowledge about the new ecommerce technologies
-Poor knowledge and experience on ecommerce payments methods
-No sufficient technical knowledge and experience

The Government Barriers

-Lack of government regulations that help conduct online buying
-Several legal problems, including the need to legalize many electronic contracts
-Failure to solve financial disputes between sellers and buyers just like in normal lawsuit cases
-The Malaysian government has no full copyright protection and intellectual property rights when it comes to digital content

The Telecom Infrastructure barriers

-Weak ecommerce information Infrastructure
-Internet access issues– low quality and high costs
-Expensive cost of implementing of many ecommerce applications
-Many SMEs have limited funds,
-Shortage of seasoned information technology experts