The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools in 2019


Are you looking for new affiliate marketing strategies to implement in Malaysia? Redtrack is a reliable tool helping users to monitor clicks, impressions and conversions of all your campaigns. It is regularly updated, and packed with amazing features.


Step up your affiliate marketing game using advanced tracking tools like AdsBridge. Depending on the package, it costs around $25 to $525 each month.


If desktop, ecommerce, mobile, push, or native ads are on your list, then look no further than AdPlexity. This tool make finding profitable campaigns easier, and with great support from many traffic sources.


SpyOver is quite similar to AdPlexity, though this one focuses only on native ads.


Voluum is the market leader when it comes to tracking software. It is a truly powerful tool for digital marketers. This can help you monitor the ads for all your campaigns, and manage your own team in one place at a price of $44.


BeMob has around 100,000 free events each month. If you are looking for low-cost ways to monitor your campaign, try exploring BeMob’s features. Through their quality technology, you will be able to analyze all your advertising campaigns for more effective audience optimization.