Laziz Middle Eastern Restaurants


Hungry on growth? Arabic foods taste will success in your throat. Laziz Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurants is a great authentic middle east foods and it was a good restaurant to visit and plus the outdoor seating (nice view of Solaris) is an added advantage to take a delight on dishes and you’re guaranteed to find something to satisfy your foods craving.

Laziz’s also serves their major foods and beverages which is Shawarma and classis Arabian drink is Jellab. In city where coffee is a mark of hospitality sampling a Jellab to your throat is a quintessential part of tasting local flavors and the local heritage. Why not seduce your taste buds by this array of Arabian drinks that are exclusive and freshening.

Same goes to their foods, the Shawarma sandwiches is one of the world’s most popular street foods it is commonly composed a pita bread, lamb or chicken, tahini, hummus and a variety sliced of fresh vegetables. For desserts, they had a small platter of Baklava, consisting of honey-sweetened pastry made with filo pastry filled with chopped nuts. Delectable and crunchy!

If you haven’t tried these Middle Eastern and Arabic foods don’t missing out your Shawarma and Jellab craving hit! Come and find a comfy spot at Laziz, it has a beautiful interior that gives you a ‘wow’ factor once you move your feet in. Those who know Middle Eastern Cuisine will be able to tell that they’re in it for real deal, so give their foods and beverages like Shawarma n Jellab drinks a try!

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