How to Wear a Watch?

Whether you are wearing a casual watch from Timex or a really expensive watch from Rolex, there are proper ways to wear a watch. If you want to be a sophisticated gent and want to know the unwritten rules of the game, the read further to find out how exactly to wear a watch.

Wear It on the Side That You’re Most Comfortable With

One notion that was born ages ago that still lives on to this day is that you should be wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand. This means that if you are right-handed, you should be wearing your watch on your left wrist while left-handed people should be donning their watch on the right. Although some people would agree with this idea, I think that is just pure baloney. You should be wearing your watch based on comfort and not on some loosely created notion that everyone seems to believe in. So, even if you are right-handed but you are comfortable wearing your timepiece on the same hand, then, by all means, do so.

How Tight Should Your Watch Be?

This is another thing that some people get confused about. Again, I am going to reiterate what I’ve said earlier in that it should be based on comfort. In this case, it should be tight ‘enough’. Too tight and you risk cutting off your circulation. Too loose and you not only look like an unsophisticated person but you are more likely to lose your watch in the process. A good rule of thumb would be that you tighten your watch just enough for it to move when you put considerable force into it but not so much that a simple flick will move the watch from its original position. If you are using a metal watchband, clench your fist and make sure that it moves ever so slightly to indicate that it should be working well when you do not close your fists.

Your Watch Should Match Your Attire

Just like matching your belt with your shoes, it is also important that you match your watch with the clothes that you are going to be wearing. There are so many reasons why there are so many watches out there on the market and this is just one of them. You might believe that James Bond’s fashion sense is a thing but that shouldn’t be followed as gospel. Sure, a dive watch looks nice but it really doesn’t fit a formal suit because of its chunky watch dial. Instead, consider wearing an appropriately colored dress watch and call it a day.

Simplicity is Good, for the Most Part

Although there are watches out there that are filled with different features, it is still best to keep your watch as simple as possible. Probably, the only acceptable watch complication that you can include in your ‘everyday watch’ is a calendar and nothing else. That is why men should always have more than one watch. For me, the acceptable number of watches a man should have is 3- one for formal occasions, one for everyday affairs, and one for certain activities.