Baby Care: Top Baby Lotion and Bath Products

Burt’s Bee Baby Shampoo Bar

Burt’s Bees is a top brand when it comes to gentle baby products. If you think your child needs to use a mild shampoo bar, consider this. It is an excellent product that gives you adequate control, so you wouldn’t have liquids running in your child’s eyes.

Gerber Giggles and Grins

There are a lot of baby bath brands in Malaysia, and Gerber is a brand you must not forget. Gerber Giggle and Grins is good for daily use, and helps prevent bad applications and spills.

Aveeno Baby Fragrance Free Lotion

Do you want your child to use a fragrance-free baby lotion? Try Aveeno’s baby lotion. It can be used daily without your kid’s skin feeling very greasy.

Angel Baby Lotion

Angel Baby Lotion is a scented lotion that wouldn’t make your child’s skin feel greasy. This is also chemical-free, and safe for your baby’s skin.

Noodle & Boo Skincare Line

This is composed of an amazing set of baby products which are formulated for sensitive baby skin. It also comes in parent-friendly packages.

Mustela Hydra Bebe Baby Lotion

Mustela is popular for their high-quality, mild baby products. Many parents prefer this lotion. However, if you are sensitive to strong smells, or suffer from sever allergies, you might not like this one.

California Baby Diaper Area Wash

This wash comes in a spritz/spray form, and can be used for immediate diaper changes. It can help you clean sensitive areas in a non-burning way. You would also love its smell.