6 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone and Sex Drive

Do you find yourself just not having the energy or be in the mood for sex? You might pass it off as exhaustion but it can actually be a result of something far greater than you actually thought.

Sure, fatigue can be a cause of lower sex drives, but so is testosterone deficiency. Men, in particular, suffer from lower libidos if their bodies have quite a substantial decrease in their T levels.

There is actually a new condition that was coined just a few years ago and researchers call this as the Irritable Male Syndrome. This is a condition that happens as a result of testosterone deficiency and some of its symptoms may include lack of motivation, emotional withdrawal, anxiety, personality changes, among many other things.

The said condition is actually more common than you think. An estimate of at least 14 million men in the whole world that are over the age of 30 may experience some symptoms of IMS.

Although male enhancement pills have been touted to work for men who have generally low T levels, what other ways can you boost your testosterone? Here are some natural ways:

Get Eight Hours of Sleep

Sleep has become a luxury that not a lot of us can afford, especially if we are talking about getting 8 hours of continuous slumber. But, if you are experiencing IMS, you may have to consider this.

It has been shown in a study that men who only have 5 hours of sleep per night may suffer a decline in their T levels by as much as 15%. Therefore, it is safe to assume that your decline in testosterone may be a result of your lack of quality sleep.

Maintain a Good Weight

If you have a lot of fat laying around your belly, then you might want to tone it down a little bit. In a recent study, obesity is linked to a huge decline in testosterone levels in men aged 30 and above.

Belly fat seems to be the culprit in the study and so, it is imperative that you try to trim your waist by combining a good workout regimen, as well as a healthy diet.

Minimize Stress

Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, is needed by the body for fight or flight responses. Although the said hormone is beneficial for survival, too much cortisol in the body for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to your health as well.

The condition known as cortisol steal can severely affect hormone production in the body which includes your testosterone, as well as many others.

That is why you have to relax most of the time to ensure that your body doesn’t produce way too much cortisol.

Avoid Statins

Using statin drugs can negatively impact your mitochondria and if your mitochondria are compromised, so is your body’s ability to produce hormones.

To alleviate the effects of statins, you can up your intake of fish oil. This can be taken in as a supplement or you can eat fish like salmon or tuna instead.

Take Multivitamins

No matter how we construct our meals, there are still some nutrients that you may not be getting enough of every single day. That is why taking multivitamins should be a habit just to ensure that you are getting all of the needed nutrients required by your body and in the right amounts.

Expose Yourself to the Sun

Sun exposure will lead to Vitamin D production in the body and testosterone production ramps up when the said vitamin is present. Therefore, exposing yourself to the sun for at least an hour or so should do the trick.